Meet the agency behind the launch of South Africa’s newest FTTH brand, supersonic

Liquorish Ink is an agency well-known for its unique ability to build sustainable brands, and is the inimitable driving force behind the brand development and launch of MTN’s latest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) company, supersonic.

 Independently managed as a separate business, supersonic is 100% owned by MTN and aims to simplify the FTTH sector through their product offering and customer service proposition. Under the leadership of Calvin Collett, supersonic intends to become the number one ISP in South Africa within five years.

Says Collett, “The South African fibre industry is plagued by too much complexity, network instability, and poor after-sales service… our intention as a business is to change that.”

That’s a pretty tall order. When supersonic walked through the doors at Liquorish Ink, they knew that they needed a nimble and agile partner who would do whatever it takes, from the get go.  A partner that would create a super-brand that offers ‘fibre made easy’ and puts the consumer experience first. A partner with the ability to create a brand that is designed to bring agility and innovative thinking to the FTTH industry and is able to respond to market requirements.

Liquorish Ink is one such partner. With nothing more than the brand name and Collett’s ambitiously distinctive vision, the agency set to work to create an entire brand from scratch. This included brand architecture and development, campaign creation (digital, activations, and outdoor initiatives) and all the logistics in between.

Part of the agency’s approach was to submerge themselves in all things fibre and collaborate closely with the supersonic ground zero team to pinpoint precisely what it is that people and businesses need from their fibre experience. Essentially, to put an end to what has historically been an overly complicated journey that has left consumers baffled, frustrated, and ready to give up on fibre.

Says Leigh-Anne Acquisito, CEO and Founder of Liquorish Ink, “A journey and end result like this just isn’t possible without a true partnership. Not only are we proud of how this partnership has resulted in a brand that will brighten the future of fibre in South Africa, but we’re also proud of how this journey gave us time and space to come together as an agency, show our mettle and pull off something that initially we thought mightn’t be possible within the time offered.”

As an additional part of their approach to creating and supporting this brand, the agency also strategically decided to expand its operations. With a fuller and more dynamic staff complement, the agency is better equipped to deliver unique and compelling brands, like supersonic, to market. They are also in an even better place to position and manage brand strategies and actively work with companies to deliver sustainable growth for years to come.

The hard work paid off, because in just 12 short weeks, Liquorish Ink developed the brand that is set to completely change the face of fast internet in South Africa. This unprecedented turnaround time has raised the bar for what is possible in the marketing and advertising space.

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