Moments to melt into with the Good Things Guy #AeroFeelGoodFridays

South Africans love feel-good stories, they bring so much joy and often add a smile to our faces. Good Things Guy loves sharing these stories too, which is why teaming up with Nestle Aero for some feel-good Fridays was a great choice!

Aero has launched a campaign to celebrate the good things in South Africa and hopes to share all the ‘Moments to Melt Into’ to spread feel-good stories across the nation. The Moments to Melt Into will be shared every Friday where ordinary South Africans will be celebrated for doing extraordinary things.

In a time where negativity is higher than ever, we need to celebrate the moments that make us smile and spread love. These moments make the world a better place.

Now more than ever, South Africans are looking for good news stories to lift our spirits and counter the negativity that 2020 has become synonymous with. To this end, Brent Lindeque, South Africa’s Good Things Guy has teamed up with Nestle’s Aero brand to launch a new web series entitled Moments to Melt Into which focuses on ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things.

The series will comprise episodes of three to four minutes each where Brent shares a round up good news stories focused on ordinary South Africans doing good within their community, or for the betterment of their fellow South Africans. Moments to Melt Into will be available on all Good Things Guy’s digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Moments to Melt Into is a visual extension of The GoodThingsGuy and offers an opportunity for viewers to delve into the good things that ordinary South Africans do to make our country a better place. It’s something we just don’t explore enough of,” says Brent. “I’m super excited to share this new series with you and put a bit more focus on what makes the people from our beautiful country so extraordinary.”

The web series launched on Friday 2nd October and can be accessed here:

The Good Things Guy can be found at, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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