The MediaShop Cape Town wins at MOST

The MediaShop CPT team achieved their rightful first place – winning The Lamb MOST Award for Media Agencies 2021.

Managing Director Bonita Bachmann says: “We are honoured and humbled, but equally proud of the scorecard achievement proving that we are able to effectively push boundaries and ‘hold our own’ amongst our respected peers nationally.

I express sincere gratitude to both media owners and our staff.

Since the inception of ‘remote working’ our Cape Town team strategically geared ourselves to continue consistent media owner engagement and strengthen relationships.

As previously highlighted, The MOST awards is perfectly poised to illustrate the importance of collaborative partnerships, communication and of course competition.

Pioneering and excelling in our brand is representative of our vision and mission.

Winning the Lamb Award will certainly encourage us to keep raising the bar which is key to our successes.”

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