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With over 300,000 Saffas (South Africans) proudly calling the United Kingdom home, it’s no secret that living abroad comes with its share of longing for the taste of home. Whether it’s the braais, the warm sun or even iconic South African brands, we know you miss it all. That’s why Bokomo is here to bring you a piece of home this Heritage Day, September 24, 2023.

 Bokomo delivers nostalgia

Bokomo, the beloved SA cereal brand, has been bringing the taste of home to South Africans for generations and has become a beloved household name, both in South Africa and among South Africans living abroad. This Heritage Day, when Saffas celebrate the rich tapestry of South African culture in their home country, Bokomo is reaching out to its extended family living across the seas by making sure to start their day in a truly South African way  – with their favourite cereal.

Bokomo Marketing manager Diyaana Allie says: “We are celebrating our diverse community of South Africans living in the UK. We want to ensure that they can relive the tastes and memories of home and by delivering our cereal for free, we hope to add a sprinkle of South African joy to their day.”

To all Saffas in the UK, we want you to know that you’re still part of the Bokomo family. And what better way to celebrate your South Africanness than with your favorite cereal on Heritage Day?

 A Taste of Home, Delivered for Free

For one day only, on Heritage Day, we’re bringing the delicious taste of South African Bokomo cereal to the doorsteps of South Africans, straight from South Africa, and the best part—it’s all on us! Now, isn’t that lekker? To get your hands on this treat, simply whatsapp “Hi” to our Bokomo number: +27723126565. Our team will be selecting lucky recipients, so watch out for a message from us.

 Allie adds: “At Bokomo, we understand the deep connection South Africans have with their homeland and we recognise the importance of maintaining those cultural ties, especially on Heritage Day. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring the flavour of South Africa to the UK this year. Our aim is to provide a taste of home, a moment of nostalgia and a sense of togetherness for our fellow Saffas living abroad.”

 Bokomo’s Message to South Africans in the UK

Maybe you don’t miss load shedding, but we know you’re missing the comforting taste of Bokomo. Well, we’re bringing it to you, Saffas, right to your doorstep. Happy Heritage Day. Bokomo is good for every kind of South African, even those who don’t live on home soil. Our delivery team is en route, and we’ll see you soon.

Capture the Moment

We want to share in your Heritage Day joy. Take some pics when you receive your Bokomo cereal and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @bokomosouthafrica. Let’s make this Heritage Day one for the books.



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